Renua Nutrition was founded by Katherine Kelly in 2018. We use nutrition and lifestyle medicine to provide personalised plans along with therapeutic support to individuals seeking a holistic approach to their chronic health conditions.

Katherine qualified with a Diploma in Nutritional Therapy from The Institute of Optimum Nutrition; a highly respected academic body in this field and holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Food Quality, Safety and Nutrition from Queens University Belfast.

Katherine has experienced her own personal journey with Inflammatory Bowel Symptoms and understands the difficulties these can bring to everyday life. Having overcome these symptoms she understands the challenges that ill health can bring and the ups and downs on the road to optimum health. She therefore takes an empathetic approach with her clients and is committed to providing the necessary support and encouragement until the end goal is reached.




We fully appreciate the effects a change in health can have on one’s body and on their overall well-being. We will investigate the root cause of your health issues and find a long-term nutritional solution which works for you. We will share our knowledge and support you throughout your journey to optimum health.